Research Team

Doctoral Students

We are currently accepting applications for qualified PhD candidates interested in topics relating to the Lab’s research themes. Please see our Student Opportunities page for more information.

Masters Students

Khadija Fatima
Master of Engineering (Civil)

Khadija’s research aims to investigate infrastructure and community risk from landslide and earthquake hazards in the Philippines through spatial modelling. She is passionate about applying her knowledge of geotechnical engineering to help communities affected by disasters. Her interest in humanitarian engineering arose from her experience while living in East Timor and seeing the lack of adequate infrastructure and engineering services.


Lab Leadership

Aaron Opdyke
Lecturer | Humanitarian Engineering

Dr. Aaron Opdyke's research seeks to improve international humanitarian response to better assist developing communities to prepare for and recover in the aftermath of disaster and conflict, with a particular focus on safe and equitable shelter. His research also explores disaster risk reduction and resilience as well as poverty reduction and sustainable development at the the humanitarian-development nexus. Prior to entering academia, Aaron worked on international disaster risk reduction programmes and consulted on monitoring and evaluation.


Undergraduate Students​

Benjamin Bannon
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil - Environmental) and Science (Advanced)

Ben's research focuses on flood risk reduction through improved stormwater management in the Philippines. Ben works for InSite Remediation, which performs remediation works, generally with large scale asbestos, hydrocarbons, heavy metal clean up in the local ground water or soil. He is passionate about sustainable engineering systems, which include environmental friendly systems with economic benefit, especially in humanitarian engineering where local infrastructure and resources are limited.

Luke Calo
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil - Environmental)

Luke's research focuses on flood risk reduction through improved stormwater management in the Philippines. He is also currently working for the Sutherland Shire Council as a Trainee Civil Design Engineer. Luke’s research interests include, the identification of flood affected areas to reduce risk in disasters, the investigation of possible links between deforestation and flooding and its effect on storm water runoff quality, as well as discovering different treatments of water runoff through appropriate and sustainable technologies and practices.

Benjamin Korkmann
Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)

Ben's research focuses on mitigating infrastructure losses from disasters through asset management. He previously he worked as a roofer and a math tutor and now works at Downer EDI on the commercial solar team as an undergraduate engineer.