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Knowledge Adoption in Post-Disaster Housing Self-Recovery2020, Disaster Prevention and Managementjournal
An Open Data Approach to Mapping Urban Drainage Infrastructure in Developing Communities2020, , , Waterjournal
Humanitarian Engineering in Australia & New Zealand: Past, Present, and a Way Forward2020, , , , , , , , , report
Preliminary Evaluation of Immersive and Collaborative Virtual Labs in a Structural Engineering Unit of Study2019, , , , , Australasian Association for Engineering Education Conferenceconference
Assessing the Impact of Household Participation on Satisfaction and Safe Design in Humanitarian Shelter Projects2019, , Disastersjournal
A Comparative Analysis of Coordination, Participation, and Training in Post-Disaster Shelter Projects2018, , Sustainabilityjournal
Community Participation in Post-Disaster Shelter Programs: Examining the Evolution of Participation in Planning, Design, and Construction2018, , , Construction Research Congressconference
Household Construction Knowledge Acquisition in Post-Disaster Shelter Training2018, , International Journal of Disaster Risk Reductionjournal
Constructing Authority in Disaster Relief Coordination2017, , , Electronic Journal of Communicationjournal
Infrastructure Hazard Resilience Trends: An Analysis of 25 Years of Research2017, , Natural Hazardsjournal
Typhoon Haiyan Overview2017, , Shelter Projects 2015-2016report
Typhoon Haiyan: Shelter Case Studies2017, , report
Characterizing Post-Disaster Reconstruction Training Methods and Learning Styles2016, , Engineering Project Organization Journaljournal
Inter-Organizational Resource Coordination in Post-Disaster Infrastructure Recovery2016, , , Construction Management and Economicsjournal
Characterizing Post-Disaster Shelter Design and Material Selections: Lessons from Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines2016, , , Construction Research Congressconference
Building Coordination Capacity: Post-Disaster Organizational Twitter Networks2014, IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conferenceconference