Whether you are interested to evaluate a single project or seeking to answer broader questions, contact us to discuss options for leveraging our Lab’s resources. We are always looking for new partners and welcome new collaborations relating to:

  • Shelter and housing
  • Humanitarian response and disaster recovery
  • Resilience and disaster risk reduction
  • International project organisation and management

Tools and Methods

We use interdisciplinary methods that are grounded in fieldwork to understand sustainable infrastructure and technology in resource-constrained environments. Our researchers are employing the following tools to understand problems facing developing communities:

  • Social network analysis (SNA)
  • Geographic information systems (GIS), including open mapping data such as OpenStreetMap (OSM)
  • Drone surveys and remote sensing tools
  • Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)
  • Survey methods
  • Qualitative methods, including interviews, focus groups, and observations
  • Statistical analysis and modelling
Delegation of Bangladesh engineers at training
Training on Principles of Design for Evacuation Centres for Bangladesh Government (Funded by the World Bank)

We have expertise in the following services:

  • Monitoring and evaluation studies of infrastructure and technology in developing communities
  • Sample design for household and organisational surveys
  • Social and environmental impact assessments
  • Post-disaster reconnaissance and needs assessments
  • Remote management of field studies
  • Climate change adaptation assessments
  • Literature review and desk studies
  • Training and learning events