Research Projects

Our research has three core themes: (1) humanitarian shelter and settlements, (2) disaster risk reduction, and (3) climate change adaptation. Explore our projects within each area below.

Humanitarian Shelter and Settlements

Shelter is a central part of our daily lives. It offers protection, fosters livelihoods, and acts as a social hub. Our work is understanding how we can provide more desirable and durable solutions to enable long-term recovery in the aftermath of disaster.

Disaster Risk Reduction

Disasters affect millions of people each year and pose a significant threat to development efforts. Our research is exploring the links across disciplinary boundaries to understand how to reduce disaster risk and foster resilient communities.

Climate Change Adaptation

Climate change poses an unparalleled threat to human settlements. Our research is looking at adaptation of infrastructure, and the organisations delivering these services, in ensuring a sustainable future that is equitable for all.